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 I'm a trumpeter, composer, producer and bandleader all wrapped up into one. My catalog of published works consists of music of several genres ... Straight Ahead/Classic Jazz to Smooth Jazz & Contemporary Jazz, to R&B. You can listen to my CDs and single releases by just clicking on their artwork on the left of the page. Two of the projects were "considered" by the 2014 and 2017 Grammys, but came short of being nominated. It is my aim to write and record the perfect project that WILL receive a Nomination and go on to win a Grammy Award. It's about finding that perfect formula to make it work. 


My band "GEQ" is a perfect combination of musicians. We are the core of most of my work. I add other musicians at the times when I feel I need for additional instrumentation. Even though we initially performed and recorded Classic Jazz, I call upon them to perform and record other genres of music.  


Stuff I'm Doing Right Now 


The business of composing music is where my head is right now. Hours in the studio, hours at my desk and hours just thinking about the hours in the studio and at my desk . . . yep, that's how my time is spent . . . not to mention the hours I spend writing my blogs about my work an about stuff in general.    


It's all because I love what I'm doing. Putting into sounds, rhythms, harmonies and melodies, my life's experiences . . . painting pictures with sounds and causing reactions and generating feelings. 


I continue to get better at this as I go along. It's a never ending battle of what sound I want to make . . . a sound with what rhythm or coupled with what other sound to form what harmony or followed by what other sound to make a melody?  


Artists will tell you that it's very difficult to create only one thing at a time. A painter's studio, for instance, may contain seven easels, each holding a canvass of a piece that he/she has started and is a "work in progress." I'm no different with my creations. A double drawer file cabinet full of file folders containing lead sheets and manuscript of scratcd on notes and chord changes . . . work that I've started and then put aside, to elaborate on another idea. I do it over and over. I'm trying to finish one of those pieces of work . . . that's Stuff I'm Doing Righ Now.  


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Stuff Coming Up 


We're updating our calendar now. Stay tuned for postings of where I'll be next.     




Guymon Ensley Smooth & Contemporary Jazz PLAYLIST

Nobody Knows I'm Here - Single Release 2016

This Comes With It - CD 2014

Where Am I Going With You - single release 2010

In The Key Of Gee - single release 2009

Meet Guymon Ensley - CD 2006

Here Put This On - CD 2003


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