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Hey Trumpet Players, It's All In The “GAP”

Recently I’ve discovered something special that I have to share with trumpet players all over the world. I love things the WORK . . . and when I discover things the WORK, I like to share them. It’s about the GAP. I’m referring to the short distance between your mouthpiece’s shank and the horn’s leadpipe. It’s measured in millimeters. The larger GAP causes back pressure, which actually assists in a couple of ways, but hinders the horns performances in many ways. However, let me say this . . . generally, the smaller/shorter the GAP, the better the horn performs.


After putting a post about mouthpieces on Facebook’s, I received numerous referrals to Mr. Otto Alcon (a Warburton Mouthpiece representative). With years of experience in “fitting” trumpeters, I hooked up with him to check out his service.  I don’t need to write anymore about the outcome . . . put it this way, that’s why I’m telling you about it.  But I do want to say this . . . both of my primary trumpets have never responded better. The adjustment took the “fight” out of the horn(s) and made them easier to play, it’s the best way I could explain it. Additionally, after testing with Otto, I found out that the rim size of my mouth piece(s) was too small. Even though the smaller rims facilitated an increased range, I found that my range doesn’t suffer even with the larger rimmed mouthpiece and recommend cup depth. My tone is fatter and overall sound has greatly improved.


It’s a crazy thought when you think about how the manufacturers of high quality trumpets don’t reveal this GAP factor. For instance, I can see if you play a Bach and your preference is a mouthpiece by another manufacture, the GAP may need adjusting. However, if you play a Bach with a Bach mouthpiece, shouldn’t the GAP be built in by the manufacturer? OK, I’m done . . . trumpeters, you have to check it out. Visit Otto on Facebook.




That's cool thanks. Warburton has some great stuff. Interested folks may also like to check out the Adjustabke Gap Receiver mod that Jason Harrelson can do.

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