Guymon Ensley & G.E.Q. Jazz


Nobody Knows I'm Here

Guymon Ensley & GEQ
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I'm especially proud of "Nobody Knows I'm Here." We really put that 'GEQ" touch on this tune. For years, the band really got into swingin' hard each time we played it and it came across in the studio just like it does on the stage. I thought I'd add a horn section to blow with Robert and I to give it the 'Big Band' punch . . . I think it worked out perfectly. I'm happy that the Couzine International Music Awards and the Akademia Music Awards thought so too.

GEQ is:

Guymon Ensley - trumpets, flugle horns and trombones

Phil Lesky - piano

Robert Reeves - saxophones

Ibrahim Jones - double bass

Jerry Powell - drums


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