It's A First For Me

Well, yeah . . . firsts are generally an apprehensive time for me. I do remember my first day of school, my first day of high school and a bunch of firsts thereafter. More recently, I remember like is was yesterday, my first day on stage as bandleader of my quintet, February. 13,  2002. Its was the Mars Music Company performance stage in Southfield Michigan (one of three gigs that was a warm up for "GEQ's" debut scheduled for March 22, 2002 at the renowned Bakers Keyboard Lounge in Detroit Michigan). As a bandleader, I felt that I was going to be compared to noted trumpet players like Rayse Biggs and Dwight Adams and of course Marcus Belgrave.  I knew that I couldn't compare as a trumpeter, but I was surrounded by great musicians in my band. So as a band, I knew we would flourish. 

Another first has perched right in front of me, that is,  recording the vocal lead for the first time on my new single "Where Am I Going With You." It surely brought on some apprehension. The tune is a sneak peek to my CD that I plan to release in July of next year.  The CD will be entitled "This Comes With It."  Standby for more on that!  But the vocal . . . yep, I'm anxious to know what you think.    


Guymon Ensley: Where Am I Going With You

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