The Artists Made It Happen

It’s been over two weeks since the voting for the 57th Grammys nominees has closed. I’ve made many new friends during the voting process, most of which are talented independent artists of the Recording Academy.  It was really exciting  to chat with some international artists who are being considered for nomination as well.

"This Comes With It,"  being considered  for nomination in the Contemporary Instrumental Field,  is a collection of my thoughts put into motion by a special group of people. From "Leeba" to "Make-up Lovin" . . . they were only thoughts in my head, that became ideas, that developed into melodies, harmonies and grooves ... coming together on a sheet of paper ... a chart  ... a guideline for great people to interpret and make it theirs.  That's where my ideas  would have stayed if it weren’t for the artists that sat down in the studio, studied that sheet of paper, broke out their instruments ... and when the tape rolled, put their signature, their spin on my ideas that were only in the form of  notes on a page. Their style, their talent, that special something that they have, made the sounds … made the song … made the album. I owe it to them, those fabulous artists, those guys and lady who interpreted my ideas and made the music for you to hear.


I’d like to tell you who they are: 

Bassists: Takashi Iio and Pathe Jassi

Guitarists: Dwayne Collins and Randal Wilson

Keyboardists: Phil Lesky and Kermit Hoggatt 


Saxophonists: Ben Pruitt, Fred Bergman, Robert Reeves and Michael “Sonny Lem” Lemons

Trumpeter: Mark Croft 


Gisele “Gee” Caver

Odel Jones

Gary Mitchell

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