Making Music With My Little Brother

It's pretty cool to share something that you and your brother have shared as little people. My little brother Kermit played clarinet through high school. But at the age of six, Mother started him with piano lessons. Those really paid off because early in his career he performed with numerous R&B bands, including a band with Grammy Award winner Anita Baker (before she started with Chapter Eight).  He has also served as church organist in several Music Ministries throughout the years.  

Kermit and I worked together as kids in a trumpet solo act, with me on trumpet and him on piano. Our Mother booked us frequently at church events and community functions, performing Baroque pieces such as Fur Elise, by Beethoven. More recently in 2006, we recorded tracks together during the recording of my second release "Meet Guymon Ensley" at the noted Harmony Park Studio in Detroit Michigan.

Now, my little brother and I are together again in the studio, recording for my upcoming release "This Comes With It." The picture above of is him between takes, when we decided to just have some fun during the recording of "Brother Two Brother 3" which I wrote for him and me. I am the second (two) of three brothers and he's the third (3). We had a great time doing the recording, as he laid down a funky clavinet track and then a really "nasty" piano track that really rocks the tune. I knew that he liked a kicked up, "low down" sort of groove. At the same session was my good friend and associate producer, guitarist/bassist Dwayne Collins who matched Kermit's style on the rhythm guitar.

A talented bass player, Kamau Inaede, put down a soulfully filled track for the bottom on which everything else is being built. The hard hittin' Hoggie Horns, comprised of saxophonist Ben Pruitt, trombonist Richard McCall, saxophonist Fred Bergan and myself, round out the groove with some of what I call  "squeeze play." 

You'll get a chance to add the"BROTHER Two BROTHER 3" MP3 to your play list as a single before the CD release in a few weeks. I'll let you know when the cut is ready, so STAY TUNED!!!

GEQ .  .  . still swingin' and groovin' hard as ever!!!!! 

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  • Franklin Anderson
    Franklin Anderson
    I'm looking forward to your music together!

    I'm looking forward to your music together!

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