When Is A Song Finished?

Recently, a fan tweeted me and asked "when is a song finished?" Well, with only 140 or so characters to answer their question, I couldn't possibly explain my answer properly. So here it goes. I'm sure that many artists would tell you in one way or another, that many times they listen to their published recording and hear something that they would do differently. Many times during the recording and editing of songs that I have done, I would add to and take away sounds and do retakes over and over again, all the way through the final rough-mix (if there is such a thing as the 'final' rough-mix) . . . even up to final mix-down (if there is such a thing as a 'final' mix-down). You see, an artist is always changing stuff, clear up to when he can't change anything else, and that's only after the song is "mastered" .  .  .  no more changing anything now!


So you see, when does an artist's desire to change something in the a piece of his work stop? .  .  . it rarely stops. Even after the work is mastered, copyrighted manufactured, marketed and published and he/she is still writing the tune. A song . . . finished? . . .  nope . . . not unless of course it ends up ranking high upon the Bill Board, hits Gold or wins a Grammy . . .the that bad-boy is FINISHED jack!!

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