Stealing Our Music?

When you go to work, you expect a paycheck, you’re promised a paycheck, a paycheck is rightfully yours but … you don’t get one. You are good at what you do, and you love doing it…. It’s what you studied…

Nelson Madela In Detroit at Tiger Stadium - I Was There

As I reflect on the life of a great man, Nelson Mandela, I am remembering June 29, 1990 when I heard him speak in Detroit, MI at the then Tiger Stadium.  His appearance in Detroit was one of many efforts…


The 1971 Soundtrack of the Movie "SHAFT" - the best ever???

1971 was not only the year I graduated from River Rouge High School in River Rouge Michigan, it was the year of the release of "Shaft," a motion picture directed by Gordon Parks. The movie feature a character played by…


When Is A Song Finished?

Recently, a fan tweeted me and asked "when is a song finished?" Well, with only 140 or so characters to answer their question, I couldn't possibly explain my answer properly. So here it goes. I'm sure that many artists would…


Do We Really Hear When We Listen??

Question: When we listen to music, do we really hear it?

 Here's why I ask. When I listen to music, of course I have a tendency to listen to certain parts or portions or instruments in the song (being…

The "GEQ Journey" - 2002 - 2012

Today, Thursday, March 22, 2012, marks the tenth anniversary of GEQ's debut at Baker's Keyboard Lounge in Detroit Michigan.   


It was a chilly Friday evening in Detroit on March 22, 2002, when then owner John Colbert invited GEQ to perform…

I'd Like Your Opinion

I’d like your opinion on a matter that many recording artists have had on their minds at one time or another. Many of us love to write, perform, dance to, groove by, meditate to or otherwise appreciate music from more …

Without Charley, there would be no "GEQ"

My good friend and mentor presented me with the idea and encouraged me to start my own band.

After months of studying improvisation with saxophone great Sam Sanders, I was anxious to learn more about the music industry.

Making Music With My Little Brother

It's pretty cool to share something that you and your brother have shared as little people. My little brother Kermit played clarinet through high school. But at the age of six, Mother started him with piano lessons. Those

2011 was a time to Re-tool and Re-direct

It's been almost ten years since I started my band GEQ. There were several personnel changes during this span and I am happy to have worked with some of the finest musicians in Michigan. GEQ has performed on cruise ships …

Guymon Ensley ~ GEQ Jazz - Doing It In The Studio

Those GEQ Jazz artists are spending a lot of time in the studio these days, working on the next product from the GEQ Jazz camp. The CD that's scheduled for release later this year will have more of an adult…