Meditative Grooves

Guymon Ensley

The album will take you back and forth through several music genres. You’ll hear jazz chords and progressions, R&B rhythms, baroque melodies and other classical harmonies. The tracks will settle you down, perk you up . . . or LEAD YOU TO MEDITATION


The Opening selection, which sets the tone of this work, has a contrasting sentiment that is immediately clear at the onset of the trumpet solo. As the solo bursts harshly, it strikes back chords and harmonies with the piano and orchestra. Later the solo softens and supplies an accompaniment with the strings. Simply, a mellifluous piece of work.

The selections that follow joyously toys with the listener’s ability to enjoy different theme renderings and relaxes briefly during lyrical moments.

There are different approaches to rhythms and arpeggios of which may not depict musical agreement but it stands on its’ own robustness and pleasantly carries the listener along the journey.

The journey culminates in a peaceful unification of horn and orchestra perceptibly that ends evoking sounds of busy surrounded by tranquility.

This is an outstanding work of which composer sought for musical resolution and achieved it.

J.B. Bates


All songs composed, produced and performed by Guymon Ensley: keyboard and digital programming – electric and digital bass – drums and percussion - string and horn arrangements - trumpet, flugelhorn, French horn, bass trumpet.

Recorded at: That Guy’s Sound Production Lab, Detroit, MI Session Engineer: Guymon Ensley

Mixing Engineers: Greg Reilley - The Disc Ltd., Eastpoint, MI Johnny Hogue - J5 Studio, Detroit, MI

Mastering Engineers: Eric Morgeson - Studio A, Livonia, MI Greg Reilley - The Disc Ltd., Eastpoint, MI

Cover Concept and Packaging Design: Tulani Hoggatt Liner Notes: J.B. Bates Technical Advisor: Dwayne Collins


MEDITATIVE Grooves is New-age music coveted with jazz, R&B and baroque influences . . . harmonies, melodies and rhythms intended to create artistic inspiration and relaxation . . . a sit down to "hear and absorb it” collection of songs.

I WAITED FOR YOU goes from a baroque mood to a continuously, rhythmic jazzy feel. It weds orchestra and rhythm seamlessly, climaxing at points where it can resolve gracefully as with the flugelhorn soliloquy, in expressing an immanent ending.

IS THAT ME depicts a challenge of two trumpets . . . a portrayal of a lover’s quarrel perhaps. The end is seemingly an unresolved conclusion that remains open for continued debate. It makes a statement that pronounces 'OK . . . I give in, for now.

I JUST WONDER expands your mind to imagine a butterfly liberally taking flight in, around and through a summer breeze. However, when the mood changes to a darker, harsher sound, the butterfly somehow is faced with a challenge, perhaps a diminishing adventure that may be an ending to the sweetness.

GOING AWAY HAPPY is lush, lovely and bright. You’ll hear words where there are none. The mood of the piece, metamorphoses into a whispering groove . . . engulfing muted trumpet styling that expresses softly, ending in a textured third mood, finally cascading the listener inwardly toward a solemn jazz resolution.

NOT THIS TIME, using a majestic, baroque style, takes you through a maze of trumpet solos which morph into sonata form. Violins gently cocoon the piano, ending by softly landing you in a bed of quiet.

RENOWNED is mysterious, mystifying and conjuring. It takes you past a point of settling for present sounds, towards a point of anticipating what’s next. It can be described as ‘Interruption’s continuation’ . . . What did I just hear?

SOMETHING'S OVER THERE may lead you to or prepare you for meditation. It starts with an intro of whispers, solo violin, low brass and piano exploring through verses where it exposes a flugelhorn solo that soulfully assembles violins and brass to the theme . . . finally perching atop a bed of resound.

SPLASH transforms and lands you into a mystic surrounding, introducing a sense of being immersed into a large body of water, where the sounds that you hear are the sounds that your mind creates.


Seward Bates, Clara Dawkins, Susan Meyers, Joanne Dawley & Staff and the Enterprise Crew.

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"Meditative Grooves" Silver Medal 2019

"Nobody Knows I'm Here" Best Jazz Recording 2019

"Nobody Knows I'm Here" Best Jazz Song 2019

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