Meditative Grooves

Guymon Ensley

MEDITATIVE Grooves is New-age music coveted with jazz, R&B and baroque influences . . . harmonies, melodies and rhythms intended to create artistic inspiration and relaxation . . . a sit down to "hear and absorb it” collection of songs.

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    Splash 10:08



"MEDITATIVE Grooves" is New-age music with jazz and R&B influences . . . harmonies, melodies and rhythms intended to create artistic inspiration and relaxation . . . a sit down to "hear" it collection of songs. 

GOING AWAY HAPPY “is lush, lovely yet bright. You’ll hear words even where there are none. The mood of the piece changes into a whispering groove . . . morphing into muted trumpet styling that speaks softly that ends into a third mood and texture, dropping you finally into a jazzy swing and resolving solemnly.” 

SPLASH "can be used to guide meditative breath work . . . an active body work toward settling into stillness meditation/worship. Transforming into and then from a grooving start and middle, it lands you into a mystic surrounding, introducing a sense of being immersed into a large body of water, where the sounds that you hear are the sounds that your mind creates.” 

IS THAT ME "is depicting a challenge between two muted trumpets . . .  a characterization of a lover’s quarrel perhaps. The end is seemingly an unresolved conclusion that still leaves something open for continued debate. It somehow makes a statement that says   'OK . . . I give, for now." 

SOMETHING'S OVER THERE "may lead you to or prepare you for meditation. It starts with an intro at the beginning and with whispers, solo violin, low brass and piano, travels through verses and where it exposes a flugle horn solo that soulfully builds with violins and brass to the theme . . . finally perching onto a bed of resound.” 

RENOWNED “is mysterious, mystifying and conjuring. It takes you past a point of settling for present sounds, towards a point of anticipating what’s next. It can be described as ‘Interruption’s continuation’ . . .  What did I just hear?” 

NOT THIS TIME, “in a majestic, baroque style, takes you through a maze of trumpet solo that morphs into a sonata form. Violins gently cocoon the piano, ending by softly landing you in a bed of quiet.” 

I JUST WONDER “may expand your mind to imagine a butterfly freely taking flight in, around and through a summer breeze. However, when the mood changes to a darker, harder sound, the butterfly somehow is faced with a challenge, perhaps a demising adventure that may be an ending to the sweetness.” 

I WAITED FOR YOU “goes from a baroque mood to a rhythmic jazzy feel continuously. It marries orchestra and groove seamlessly, climaxing at points where then, it can only resolve gracefully as in does with the flugle horn soliloquy, as it expresses an immanent ending.”

All Songs composed, performed and produced by Guymon Ensley: trumpet, flugelhorn, French horn, bass trumpet, trombone, electric bass, drums, percussion and keyboards - digital strings and bass programing. 

Recorded at: That Guy’s Sound Production Lab, Detroit, MI 

Session Engineer: Guymon Ensley 

Mixing Engineers: 

Greg Reilley - The Disc Ltd., Eastpoint, MI  

Johnny Hogue - J5 Studio, Detroit, MI 


Mastering Engineers: 

Eric Morgeson - Studio A, Livonia, MI 

Greg Reilley - The Disc Ltd., Eastpoint, MI 

Tulani Hoggatt – Front cover concept and package design 

J.B. Bates - Liner Notes                       

Dwayne Collins – Technical Advisor 

A Special Thank You to friends and family that continue to support me and my music. They include: Kermit Hoggatt, Tulani “Baby” Hoggatt, Lisa Thomas, Maxine Michaels, Steward Bates, Clara Dawkins, Aurora and the Smith Sisters, Kevin “KT” Tungstall, the Enterprise Crew, Joanne Dawley and Susan Meyers.   

March 2019 - Global Music Awards - SILVER MEDAL