Sync Licensing Music Producer

Guymon Ensley has produced cues for film and television of several genres for the past nine years.  Guy vacated the stage temporarily to pursue a behind the scenes challenge fulltime, writing music for Sync Licensing. His genre specialties are Orchestral Underscore, African World and Minimal Jazz Styles. His woks are being published exclusively by Production Music Libraries in the U.S. and abroad. 

Each of the cues/tracks can be reviewed below by clicking on the Library's logo(s). The tracks can be  licensed through each Library.  

Production Music Libraries

            Contemporary                             Underscore                               Jazzy Piano Bar                          Easy Listening                          Upbeat, Optimistic                       Piano & Trumpet                            Triumphant                                   Orchestral                                 *Live Brass                                                                                                                    

             Orchestral African World                                    Minimal Piano Bar                                          Jazz, Funk, Swing                                       (Full, 15, 30 sec. & stings)                                       *Live Brass                                                          

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              Piano & Orchestra                               Orchestral Tension                               Orchestral Hybrid                                     *Live Brass                            

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