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Guymon Ensley, an accomplished trumpeter and a prolific composer, has produced and recorded music professionally across genre lines for over two decades. He has released four albums and six single award winning projects since 2003, and continues to produce music for his band G.E.Q., as well as numerous other ensembles, vocalists and spoken word artists.  

The new project, is a collection of New Age works, titled "MEDITATIVE Grooves." The project evolved out of his intrigue for developing sounds that inspire stillness and music that is thought provoking. "Composing and recording this project was special for me . . . being so different from anything else I've ever done, it drove me and inspired me beyond belief."  The Award Winning project also was an inspiration in another way. His intrigue for firm and television scoring has always been on his radar and that is exactly where his focus is right now.

"Composing music for film and television is a real different ballgame. Structure, content and sound are all different for 'production music.' Challenging?. . . you bet." 



"Meditative Grooves" Silver Medal 2019

"Nobody Knows I'm Here" Best Jazz Recording 2019

"Nobody Knows I'm Here" Best Jazz Song 2019

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