Corporate Cues 

     - designed for commercials and advertisement 

     - uptempo tracks with “feel good” tones and vibes 

     - uplifting, progressive sounds that are “clean” 

     - optimistic and friendly vibes 

     - rhythmic grooves that are easy to listen to 

World Tension Cues 

     - African tracks designed for documentary underscore                                                                          

     - tracks adaptable to theme and African trailer design 

     - authentic African instrumentation and sounds 

     - live horns and drums 

Orchestral Cues 

     - Orchestral Hybrid tracks (Orchestral combined with Rock elements) 

     - Orchestral Epic tracks (combined with hits, accents and risers) 

     - Orchestral Trailer (combining elements of epic tracks with trailer elements) 

Piano Bar Cues 

     - minimal design for advertisement, underscore, background or feature 

     - can be augmented to include a single wind instrument 

     - a base for adding multiple instruments or vocalist 


Sync Licensing Music Production 

Sync Licensing for Film & Television  

Music Production for Music Libraries   

Orchestral Trailer cues  

Orchestral Hybrid cues  

Television Underscore  



UNLICENSED Production Cues for Background or Feature